Heritage Walk Tour of Pink City

What this tour is about:
Heritage walk day tours are arranged to show and feel the real heritage and paths of Jaipur and its very necessary to join this tour if someone wish to experience the real heritage. Take a stroll with us inside little known lanes of the Walled City, where the old ways of life continue uninterrupted and founder of Jaipur made a great work to make pink city a real special first planned city of India.
The streets we will pass through you will find shops with spices – turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and several more. Women haggle over the price of bangles and sarees. The faithful offer prayers in little shrines at roadside corners. Vendors sell sweetmeats and spicy delicacies, the chai (Masala Tea) stalls do brisk business. School children wind their way home through narrow lanes. Old arts and crafts still flourish in the bazaars. In the wedding season, the celebration and gaiety spills out on the streets. During festivals, there are colorful processions, with dancing and music local people with colorful dresses felling you the touch of actual Rajasthan

Places we will visit:
You may use a mix of walking and rickshaw to do this guided tour. The itinerary is flexible, to suit your pace and if you wish you can end up this tour with having a cooking class with dinner at Indian Family.

Approx 2 hours