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Gir Forest National Park


Gir Forest National Park, situated in the western Indian state of Gujarat, is a renowned sanctuary and the only natural habitat of the Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica). The park covers an area of approximately 1,412 square kilometers (545 square miles) and was established in 1965 with the primary aim of conserving the critically endangered Asiatic lion population.

Gir Forest National Park

Gir National Park, the only dwelling place of endangered Asiatic lion other than Africa, was established on 18th September 1965 and is spread on 1413 square Kilometres of land in Saurastra region of Gujarat situated on extreme west of India. The main motive of Gir was to protect endangered Asiatic lions, but is now home of thousands of aerial and terrestrial animals. Over 606 varieties of plants, 36 species of mammals, over 2000 genus of Insects and approximately 300 sorts of birds dwell here. It is in today's world of diminishing ecological balance, Gir Forest National Park is ideal instance of balanced ecosystem. The diverse and dense vegetation aids in maintaining the ecological balance which results in moderate climate of the region. Gir has been an important home of thousands of wild lives and also contributing immensely for its survival. Have a glimpse of lions in its natural habitat at Gir and gather memories of endangered species which your next generations may not be able to see.

Based on the census as per April 2010, it has been recorded that count if lions is about 411 and the program of lion breeding covers the surrounding park and has been able to breed about hundred and eighty lions in captivity since the beginning. This wildlife reserve comprises of three reserves that are adjoin and comprises of Nalsarovar Lake that is home to a wide stock of the water birds, Rann-of-Kutch that is renowned for its captivating island of flamingo and Indian wild Ass. Collaboration of the three reserves increases wildlife diversity to the wildlife reserve that summons wildlife enthusiast scores to the place from various parts of globe.

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