Mumbai & Aurangabad trip with  NOV-DEC 2023

Welcome readers.

Initially I was planning to arrange all transportation myself but I have noticed a recommendation for this company on Trip Advisor.

They gave me a quote for all airport transfers, sightseeing every day and creating itineraries based on what we wanted to see and I accepted based on some comparisons.

The trip was 12 days and we were very happy with drivers - they were always on time, helped with breakfast transportation and itinerary information.

Cars in very good condition - spacious (Toyota Crista) able to carry 4 people with all the airplane luggage.

Couple notes.

Our solution for food was to start with a breakfast buffet in a good hotel (example Vivanta in Aurangabad with Latitude restaurant -$12 pp for breakfast buffet, large selection of western and local dishes). We did not have to stay in the hotels we had breakfast. In Mumbai, it was Hyatt hotel, more expensive but worth it. Taking trips - food was whatever we can find in the area, we took some recommendations from the driver.

Mr. Dinesh of India Rajasthan Tours really impressed us when we had a travel emergency - our flight from Aurangabad to Mumbai got cancelled and we needed help. We called the company and a taxi showed up in minutes, taking us to Mumbai. We travelled 7 hours to Mumbai but we still managed to sleep couple hours in a hotel and catch a plane to Thailand early morning.

Bottom Line: offloading transportation and trip planning was an excellent idea - not only saved us time and money but made our stay in India more enjoyable with more time for things that we liked.

I highly recommend India Rajasthan Tours for any trips within India. Thank You for the good experience. Please use the phone +91 9829770707 or email ID: (there are couple websites with similar names so phone/email is the best).