The first thing
before planning your Rajasthan trip, is to decide how much time you have to spend here. However Rajasthan is only one huge state of India, here  is no ideal time length of time to spend in Rajasthan and, based on the interest to visit of heritage, forts, craft, medical, food tour, yoga tour, cycle tour, private tour, group tours, heritage walk tours, bike tours, Horse safari tours which can be  fit into a week or could be easily keep yourself busy for a month here. Most people have round two weeks to travel in Rajasthan, which is a good starting point.

There are a few options for how to plan your  Rajasthan trip.

The first being to travel independently and plan everything yourself (FIT -  Free Independent Traveler),
You can select the option to travel independently no matter your budget – this option is not only for backpackers! Independent travel in Rajasthan allows maximum flexibility and the best opportunity to absorb Rajasthani culture, local food and meet fellow travellers independently, but it also means more time up front making your own travel arrangements which can take a bit of time. If you choose this option we suggest having an idea of where you want to go first so you know which order to visit places in (see our This is the way we travel.

If you’re a solo female traveller wanting to travel independently in Rajasthan we have some tips on solo female travel below.

A second option is to get help with planning your itinerary, and / or hiring a private car and driver to get around. This has the advantage of taking the weight of planning off your shoulders but maintaining flexibility in how long you spend in each destination, where you stay and how to spend your time in Rajasthan. 

Your third option is to opt a group tour, which is perfect for when you would rather travel with others, book the tour with a trusted company who take cares of the itinerary and planning, which will be accompanied by a local guide too.